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Reporting & Analysis – Total Visibilty

Information is power, especially if you are investing in making your business visible on the internet. Do you understand what you are spending your marketing budget on? do you fully understand the success or failure of your campaigns? There are many considerations, all of which we can help with.

The geographic location of your website visitors – critical if you are running a multi-lingual or local SEO campaign.

Bounce rate – if large numbers of visitors are bouncing straight out of your website, it’s important to investigate and find out why.

The length of visit – the average website visit is just a few seconds. Our objective is to make your site so interesting and appealing, visitors stay longer and convert into customers.

Most popular pages – if some pages are getting more hits than others, it’s important to understand why. This knowledge helps improve the other less-popular pages.

Entry pages – this helps understand which pages are optimising better than others.  You can use this information to improve under-performing pages.

Exit pages – if your visitors regularly exit your site from the same page, it can indicate a problem.  Having this intelligence means it can be identified and resolved.

Keyword data – this helps identify which keywords are the most effective and which need refining.

Visitor paths – SEO analytic’s help you see how visitors navigate your site and determine the ease of navigation. Search engine intelligence – this tells you which search engines are driving the most traffic to your site.

Referring sites – your SEO analytic’s show traffic coming from other websites. This helps measure the effectiveness of your article submission and directory submission campaigns.

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